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Marjorie G. Shovlin
L.Ac., M.Ac., Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM)

906 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
Suite 210
Washington DC 20003

Metro: 1 block from Eastern Market Metro
(Blue/Orange Line)

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For New Clients

Marjorie is currently accepting new patients


I am committed to providing you with safe, gentle, effective acupuncture treatment that is not only comfortable, but also very relaxing and pleasant!

Your first visit requires approximately 1-1/2 hours.  During the first 30 to 40 minutes, we explore your health history, treatment objectives, and overall health goals.  Next is a physical exam from a Chinese medicine perspective, which includes examination of pulse and tongue, sensing temperatures of the limbs and trunk, and observing other physical signs, followed by the treatment.

Subsequent visits, which require 50-55 minutes, begin with listening to how you are doing since your last visit, followed by a treatment, and recommendations for ways to support your progress at home.  During treatment, you will be lying on a comfortable treatment table, enjoying music or nature sounds.

After the initial series, visits can be spaced more widely. Many people find they feel better overall with acupuncture treatment--from better sleep, to more energy, to an increased sense of peace and ease. Many chose to continue acupuncture at a lesser frequency--every two weeks, monthly, or at the change of season--to enhance these benefits.


Safety & Sterility

I use only the highest quality needles which are renown for their comfort (Seirin brand). The needles are sterile, single use, and disposable, and nationally-established protocols for Clean Needle Technique (CNT) are followed.

Acupuncture is recognized as one of the safest medical treatments available when performed by a properly trained and licensed practitioner. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) web site is an excellent source of detailed, up-to-date information on acupuncture at


Partnering with You

Naturally, acupuncture treatment is at it's most powerful when clients adopt lifestyle habits and practices that promote vibrant health. You may only see your acupuncturist for an hour a week, and what happens during the rest of the week can either help, or hinder, an optimal treatment outcome.

Part of our work together in the treatment room is to develop new skills and habits that support your health and healing into the future. Often, our symptoms are teachers--wise guides pointing the way to a healthy path. Learning to listen to them is among the best things we can do for our health and wellbeing.


Fee Schedule

Initial Visit
Diagnostic Interview
Physical Exam
1.5 hours
Subsequent Visits
50 - 55 minutes


Many insurance plans cover acupuncture.  Some cover for a very wide range of symptoms and conditions, while others are more limited.  Most plans that cover acupuncture reimburse 65% to 85% of the cost of treatment. 

We do not work directly with insurance companies.  Instead, we accept payment from you at the time of treatment, and provide a receipt containing the insurance codes you need for reimbursement.  Once you submit this receipt to your insurance company your insurer sends the reimbursement directly to you.  

Each insurance plan is different, so be sure to call your insurer if you need information about your coverage.  In addition to asking whether acupuncture is covered, it is good to ask what medical conditions are covered, as well as the reimbursement rate and filing process. 

When asking about your insurer’s reimbursement rate, you will get the most accurate information if you give the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes.   For manual acupuncture, the CPT codes are 97810 and 97811; for electroacupuncture, 97813 and 97814.



Payment Options

Cash, check, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express), and Health Savings Account/Flexible Spending Account cards are accepted.  Payment is due at each treatment, and your receipt will contain the insurance codes necessary for reimbursement if your insurance covers acupuncture for the conditions(s) being treated.

Although a sliding scale option is not available, I want to help everyone who would benefit from acupuncture to find a clinic that is affordable for them.  If you require lower fees, please just email me, and I will refer you to skilled practitioners in your area who may have lower fees; to local Community Acupuncture clinics; and/or to an excellent student clinic.  The Maryland University of Integrative Health at is a terrific resource for locating highly skilled practitioners in your area, and is also where one of the nation's top-notch student clinics is located.


Business Policies

Waiting Time.  Because I make every effort to remain on time throughout the day, you should rarely, if ever, have to wait in the waiting room. Please help by arriving on time for your appointment. For late arrivals, in most cases the treatment will need to be abbreviated to remain on time for the next client.

Minimum 24 Hour Cancellation Policy. I do not double-book appointments, and the full appointment time is devoted to your treatment. Therefore, if less than 24 hours notice is given for a cancellation or rescheduling, the full fee is charged.

I realize unpredictable circumstances arise.  To run a successful practice, I must charge, even for illness or last-minute issues. If there is an opening later the same day that you are able to take, or if I am able to fill your appointment slot despite the short cancellation notice, the late cancellation fee will be waived.


Our office hours and location are designed with client convenience in mind.

Office Hours

Tuesdays 1 PM to 8 PM
Wednesdays 9 AM to 5 PM
Thursdays   1 PM to 8 PM
Fridays 9 AM to 5 PM
Saturdays   9 AM to 4 PM
By appointment only;  no walk-ins please.


The office is conveniently located at 906 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Suite 210.

The Eastern Market Metro Station (Blue/Orange Line) is 1 block away, as is a Circulator bus stop (Union Station/Navy Yard Line).  Metrobus Lines 31, 32, 34, 36, and 39 all stop within a block of the office.

Parking can be found on the street (free if you find an unmetered space).


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Acupuncture has greatly enhanced the quality of my life.  Not only for pain relief, but also stress relief, harmony, and balance.    Thanks to you, Marjorie, I am up and running again!  Dancing, water aerobics, good food, and a good and restful nights sleep.  And acupuncture has given me the confidence to travel more and greater distances.  I have not had an asthma attack since beginning treatment.  I am so very pleased with your treatment.  No pain, just gain!
~ Vata Frederick, District Heights, MD

Acupuncture definitely has taken care of my foot problems--I spent almost an entire weekend on my feet and NO pain!  I am definitely healthier and happier, too. 
~ Ginger C., Chesapeake Beach, MD

My fertility predictor tests improved markedly with acupuncture.  I also have a greater sense of well-being and health.  My favorite thing about the office is--Marjorie!  And the Zen atmosphere.
~ Victoria M., Washington, DC

Marjorie's acupuncture certainly was beneficial in the first round of infertility treatments and I'm confident it will work again.
~ Brooke

Acupuncture treatment resolved my symptoms and has helped me to sleep better and feel better. 
~ Oscar A., Washington, DC

My episodes of lower back pain are far less frequent than they were before I began acupuncture treatment with Marjorie, and they are much less severe when they do occur. 
~ N.W., Washington, DC

My ongoing acupuncture treatments are in integral part of my overall well-being, in addition to addressing specific needs (such as hot flashes) as they arise.  Acupuncture is a very important part of my life.  I am always profoundly grateful that Marjorie takes the time to listen to me, inquires about my life, and is such an attuned, respectful, and professional practitioner.
~ Colleen G., Washington, DC

My treatments are always helpful at reducing pain and relieving stress.  I always sleep better and feel calmer.  Marjorie is a wonderful practitioner.
~ Deborah, Washington, DC

Some of my symptoms resolved completely, and others were greatly relieved.  I also feel more energy and can do more things.
~ Edna B., Washington, DC

Marjorie is a healing presence, even without needles!
~ Marlene D., Washington, DC

Acupuncture is extremely beneficial and has helped me a great deal.  The setting and treatment are very professional.
~ Jerry G., Christiansted, Virgin Islands

My sinus problems have almost completely disappeared--before acupuncture, I was contemplating surgery.  My hip pain continues but the pain is lower that it was before I started acupuncture.  The office is very clean, uncluttered, and has soothing colors.
~ Pat, Arlington, VA

What I like best about this office is Marjorie, her dedication to her craft, and her all-out efforts to cure her clients’ pain, or, at least, alleviate it!
~ David, Washington, DC

Marjorie’s acupuncture treatments benefitted me greatly.  The initial treatment decreased my pain and over 2-3 days the pain was completely gone.
~ Cordelia, Clinton, MD

The acupuncture treatments were beneficial.  I found the problem still exists but I am able to stretch and do movement to ease the pain.  What I liked best about the office environment is Marjorie’s kindness and happy, peaceful demeanor.
~ N.
Acosta, Washington, DC

I love acupuncture and cannot imagine not visiting Marjorie.  I started for a nerve issue, but I see benefits in overall balance and well-being now.
~ Amy, Washington, DC

~ Carolyn C., Washington, DC





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